Use these 3 tips to maintain a good credit score

16 May

Your credit score is a numerical indicator lenders use to determine how risk-free you are as a borrower. It is based on the details in your credit report, such as your borrowing history and whether you have made timely payments.   People with low...[Read More]

Five steps to building wealth [VIDEO]

15 January

MoneySmart (ASIC) 1. Know your financial starting point If you don’t know your current financial position, how will you know if your wealth is growing? If you want to build your wealth, making a list of all your assets and liabilities is a great...[Read More]

[VIDEO] 5 People around the world shared their take on living well

2 January

Money and Life (Financial Planning Association of Australia) What does living well mean to you in 2020? People around the world shared their take on living well in a 30-second video. Find out how five global citizens are planning for their best...[Read More]

Building an emergency fund for a rainy day [VIDEO]

30 October

Video: Building an emergency savings fund Financial counsellor, Kristen Hartnett from The Salvation Army Moneycare explains how you can build an emergency fund to help you cope with unexpected expenses when things go wrong.   Money Smart (ASIC) An...[Read More]